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pergunta:(Ufes)A ordem correta das frases no parágrafo a seguir é_____. 1- It was the express and I had missed it. 2- I was staying less than 100km from the Italian border so I decided that instead of going to Nice to catch the express I would pick it up at Port Bleu on the frontier. 3- It was not until we were a few kilometers from Port Bleu that I began to worry, when I saw a gleaming modem train sweep past us and disappear into the distance. 4- The local train arrived on time about 11:00 in the morning, and so far some time I enjoyed the scenery as we trundled gently along.

a) 1-3-4-2 b) 2-4-3-1 c) 3-1-2-4 d) 4-2-1-3 e) 4-3-2-1


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