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REF. Pergunta/Resposta

pergunta:As lacunas II e III devem ser preenchidas, respectivamente, por:

a) 21-pieces light-years. b) 21 piece light-year. c) 21 pieces light year. d) 21 pieces light-years. e) 21-piece light-years.



pergunta:A palavra "yet", relacionada no texto, poderia ser substituída por:

a) furthermore b) and c) nevertheless d) already e) rather



pergunta: Without Fear of Be Happy (Sem medo de ser feliz) é o título, em inglês que um periódico paulista atribuiu ao livro do jornalista americano Ken Silverstein sobre a campanha de Lula à Presidência da República em 1989. Examinando o título, você diria que:

a) Está estruturalmente correto. b) Deveria ser: "Without Fear of Been Happy" c) Deveria ser: "Without Fear of to Be Happy" d) Deveria ser: "Without Fear of Being Happy" e) Deveria ser: "Without Fear to Be Happy"



pergunta:Mark the correct option based in the affirmations below: I - World population is duplicating each hundred years. II - In the year 2020 there will be twice more population that there was in 1980. III - In about two hundred years people will work in farms on the moon. IV - In the future the farms will be so small that people will not have to work.

a) Option I is true. b) The only wrong option is IV. c) Option II is right. d) Options I and II are correct. e) Options I, II and IV are correct.



pergunta:Traduza o texto a seguir


American carmakers love to take military research and technology and spin it off to help sell cars. The ubiquitous air bag, for example, was inflated partly through a joint venture between automakers and defense-industry ballistic and pyrotechnic scientists. Now consider the microwave impulse radar (MIR), which promises to make that innovation look primitive.
Developed by engineer Tom McEwan at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California to measure nuclear- fusion reactions, MIR is a $10 radar-on-chip that sends and receives signals through inch-long antennas. Detroit is licensing these chips from Livermore and scrambling to engineer them into cars faster than you can say "options package". In prototype cars, a transmitter embedded in the taillight, trunk lid or rear bumper emits 1 million ultra-short MIR pulses per second; if the beam encounters a wall, curb or vehicle as driver tries to park, an alarm sounds. Or, the signals sweep across a car s blind spots: if the driver signals for a lane change and the radar beam detects and oncoming car, the system triggers a warning light on the dashboard and even taps the brakes. MIR will add about $200 to the base price of a car and should be available in some 1997 luxury models of U.S. cars for these uses and more. There are so many applications say McEwan, that "it s like uncorking a genie."

ubiquitous - sempre presente (famigerado)
uncorking - soltar


pergunta:Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche corretamente as lacunas da frase apresentada. "Frederick, what s the matter with you? This is the third assignment you haven t turned in!" "I know, Mr. Dwarf. I would have turned them in ................. but I ve been extremely busy." "But that s no excuse. You must understand that I ll have to fail you if you don t complete your requirements." "Yes, I know. I ll try to catch up."

a) when I have time b) if I had time c) if I had had time d) if I will have time e) when I would have time



pergunta:"No one in Vietnam has a clock as tall as a man". Como o narrador justifica essa declaração?

resposta:O tempo no Vietnã não é tão importante quanto para os ocidentais.


pergunta:Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna. He__________to return to his home.

a) not wanted. b) wanted. c) did wanted. d) does wanted. e) to want.



pergunta:Summarize in ONE SENTENCE the CENTRAL IDEA contained in each of the texts below. USE YOUR OWN WORDS.

A recent news story in Washington, D.C., reports that, of 184 persons convicted of gun possession in a six-month period, only 14 received a jail sentence. Forty-six other cases involved persons who had previously been convicted of a felony or possession of a gun. Although the maximum penalty for such repeaters in the District of Columbia is ten years in prison, half of these were not jailed at all. A study last year revealed that in New York City which has about the most prohibitive gun legislation in the country, only one of six people convicted of crimes involving weapons went to jail.
Barry Goldwater

resposta:Only some people convicted of gun possession are jailed.


pergunta:The following sentences should be completed with FEW or LITTLE. I - Many of us tried but very ____ succeeded. II - To our surprise, changes in foreign policy were _____. III - That school is so expensive that only _____ children can attend it. IV - That crane can lift objects weighing a _____ hundred pounds. V - We had _____ chance of success. The sentence which must be completed which FEW are:

a) I and IV, only. b) II and III, only. c) I, II and V, only. d) I, II, III and IV, only. e) II, III, IV and V, only.



pergunta:Complete as orações a seguir com os Pronomes Relativos WHO ou WHICH:

a) John Kennedy, ________ was an American president, was shot in Dallas in 1963.
b) Shakespeare, ________ wrote Romeo and Juliet, was English.
c) Milk, ________ is a dairy product, is gook for our bones.
d) Heitor Villa-Lobos, ________ is Brazilian, composed Bachianas Brasileiras.
e) Technology, ________ brings us comfort, is a result of scientific investigation.
f) We are studying ecology, ________ is a modern science.

resposta:a) who
b) who
c) which
d) who
e) which
f) which


pergunta:The suffix-LY in words like UNCONTROVERSIALLY (ref.2), SIMPLY (ref.3), RELIABLY (ref.4), and TIGHTLY (ref.5) indicates...

a) manner. b) frequency. c) emphasis. d) comparison. e) quality.



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