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Questões Construção de Palavras

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vestibular UfmOutros995
tópico:Construção de Palavras

pergunta:Complete the following sentences with the appropriate forms of the words in capital letters.

a) You wouldn t have had the accident if you hadn t been so______________________CARE
b) I can t help you decide, it s your______________________CHOOSE
c) You lose your privacy when you become______________________FAME
d) A language examination is not a test of general______________________KNOW

resposta:a) careful
b) choice
c) famous
d) knowledge

vestibular Ufpr1991
tópico:Construção de Palavras

pergunta:In the sentence, "...young people became better educated...", YOUNG is an adjective. Its corresponding noun, is YOUTH. Which of the following pairs are formed appropriately?

01) weak -- weakness
02) happy -- happidom
04) difficult -- difficultness
08) ill -- illness
16) dark -- darkdom
32) strong -- strongth
64) long -- length

soma = ( )

resposta:01 + 08 + 64 = 73

vestibular Cesgranrio1991
tópico:Construção de Palavras

pergunta:The prefix UN- in the derived word UNTIDY means "not", "the opposite of". Mark the item which also contains a word with this same prefix.

a) unified. b) uninvited. c) universal. d) undergraduate. e) understandable.


vestibular Unb1997
tópico:Construção de Palavras

pergunta:In the text:

(1) "careful" (2nd paragraph) is the opposite of careless.
(2) "one another s" (2nd paragraph) can be correctly replaced by somebody else s.
(3) "lasts" (2nd paragraph) means ends.
(4) "recalled" (3nd paragraph) means called again.

resposta:V F F F

vestibular Unb1997
tópico:Construção de Palavras

pergunta:Match the sentences on there first with the words on the second

I - It s almost ......... to hear about clones.
II - Although no one thought his story was .......... his mother believed him.
III - The islands of the Caribbean are .......... beautiful.
IV - Many people .......... that vou must be very good at grammar.
V - Do you share this ......... ?

(a) belief
(b) believe
(c) believable
(d) unbelievable
(e) unbelievably

Indicate if the following responses are correct or incorrect.

(1) I - e
(2) II - c
(3) III - d
(4) IV - b
(5) V - a

resposta:F V F V V

vestibular Ufrs1997
tópico:Construção de Palavras

pergunta:The word that CANNOT receive the prefix UN- as in UNBELIEVABLE (ref.3)

a) fortunate. b) important. c) ability. d) predictable. e) skillful.


vestibular Uerj1997
tópico:Construção de Palavras


Prefixos e sufixos agem como elementos importantes na compreensão de textos em inglês.

Leia as frases transcritas a seguir:

"Not SURPRISINGLY, ... many nonprofits are now turning to the Word Wide Web."

"... allowing organizations to tell their stories to the UNINITIATED public."

Considerando as palavras em maiúsculo indique:

a) surprisingly
função do sufixo:

b) ininitiated
significado do prefixo:

resposta:a) SUFIXO: -ly
FUNÇÃO DO SUFIXO: formador de advérbio

b) PREFIXO: un

vestibular Cesgranrio1999
tópico:Construção de Palavras

pergunta:The adjective POWERFUL (ref.9) derives from the noun "power". Check the only noun from which an adjective ending in -full is derived.

a) Care. b) Health. c) Charm. d) Comfort. e) Ambition.


vestibular Uerj1998
tópico:Construção de Palavras

pergunta:Considering both the context and the suffixes, the alternative which contains words that belong to the same class is:

a) consciousness, honorable, photojournalists b) unjustifiable, appalling, powerful c) majority, responsibility, publicly d) strongly, highly, humanity


vestibular Ufrs1998
tópico:Construção de Palavras

pergunta:O vocábulo "leaders" (ref.1) pode ser explicado como PERSONS (OR THINGS) THAT LEAD. Outra palavra do texto que pode receber explicação do tipo A PERSON (OR THING) THAT é

a) other (ref.2) b) forever (ref.3) c) further (ref.4) d) career (ref.5) e) equalizer (ref.6)


vestibular Fatec1998
tópico:Construção de Palavras

pergunta:Na última frase do 3Ž parágrafo lê-se: "Its long-term effects have never been studied because it is an "UNREGULATED" supplement, not a prescription drug." Indique a alternativa em que o acréscimo do prefixo "un-" (de unregulated) nas palavras seja correto.

a) applied - common - naturally b) true - safety - exactly c) do experimental - ability d) allow - human - dangerous e) believe - miraculous - casual


vestibular Fatec1999
tópico:Construção de Palavras

pergunta:Indique a alternativa em que o processo de formação de palavra seja o mesmo encontrado em "renewal" (verbo "renew" + sufixo "-al").

a) Spiritual b) Professional c) Ministerial d) Denial e) Clinical



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